How to Sell a Hoarder House in Southwest Michigan

There are several common reasons why a person may want to sell their house.  One that is not so common is selling because a person is a hoarder. Although, this situation is more common than what one may think. Statistics are indicating that between 2% to 5% of those living in the US are hoarders. Just imagine how many hoarders there are that own homes in Southwest Michigan alone.

For Sale By Owner

how to sell a hoarder house for sale by owner

Many times a hoarder has to sell their home. It is not a decision they make in a willing manner. Local officials could condemn the house for living in. At least, in the state it is in as the result of the hoarding.

Quite often hoarders run into arrears on the cost of maintaining their home. Buying and collecting of items is an obsesson with hoarders. They often spend their money on this. As a result their household bills get behind.

To get out from under in more ways than one, some will go the for sale by owner route.

Sell a Hoarder House Problems

There are a lot of problems when one tries to sell a hoarder house. This applies to both the homeowner, and any professional.

Unable to Advertise the House

To sell a hoarder house advertising is something that may have to take place.  This creates a potential problem. In most cases the hoarder is unwilling to part with the hoard.  For the advertising  it is helpful to use images. That is in most cases. Yet, with a hoarders house this would not be wise. Interested parties cannot see past the clutter.

Holding Viewings

how to sell a hoarder house house viewing

Not too many people will buy a house sight unseen. Most potential buyers want to  inspect the home. A hoarders house can be dangerous to walk through. It is rare that an open house can be useful when one goes to sell a hoarder house.

There may be some interested buyers that are willing to climb through the clutter. But, they cannot bring others with them to do this. For instance, they would not be able to bring their children. Nor would a young couple be able to bring their elderly parents.

It is likely the hoarder does not have any type of insurance. For example, homeowner’s insurance. A prospective buyer could get hurt on the property, In turn, this could create a lawsuit. It would be an extra problem for the hoarder.

Renovate a Hoarder House

In most cases a hoarder’s house is in dire need of repairs. Even if the house is cleared of the clutter. This raises the question of how to renovate a hoarder house? The city has >regulations as what makes a house suitable for living in. To renovate a hoarder house it means knowing what these regulations are. More often than not the repairs are way too expensive for the hoarder to be able to afford. This creates an extra problem for trying to sell a hoarder house. Also, it would mean having to remove all the clutter first.  To renovate a hoarder house it would be ideal for it  to be empty. The hoarder most likely would not be able to cope with this. Plus, the renovations are not likely to bring enough return on the sale of the home.

To renovate a hoarder house is not likely an option for the hoarder. It does not mean that it may not be an option for the right buyer.

Time is of the Essence

how to sell a hoarder house house time is ticking

Hoarders are often forced to sell their house as quick as possible. The city may give them a certain amount of time to do this. Otherwise the house is condemned. Then the hoarder doesn’t even get any money for the house. In fact, the hoarder could end up with extra expenses from the city. Even if they don’t have any money for this.

Sell a House Without Renovations

It often comes down to the hoarder having to sell a house without renovations. This poses a problem of trying to find a buyer. It is over and above the actual clutter. Most buyers want a home inspection. To try and sell a hoarder house with an inspection would not likely be possible.

Sell House Fast Options

For the hoarder this is a stressful time. They don’t know where to turn. They will most likely need money for their move. There is one effective sell house fast option. It means finding a buyer who is not concerned about the condition of the house.

There are buyers that are willing to buy a house such as this. It creates an opportunity to sell a hoarder house with no hassles. Most often the hoarder does not have to worry about clearing the clutter out. This type of buyer will tend to that after the closing of the sale.

Sell House for Cash

how to sell a hoarder house house for cash

A cash buyer brings many benefits to the hoarder. The benefits are for those hoarders that must sell their house fast. Also, for those that  need  some cash. The hoarder has to be able to find new living accommodations.  They are going to need money for this. Plus, the hoarder may want to keep some of their belongings. If so, they may need to pay for a storage facility to do this. In other cases hoarders may need to pay for medical treatment . It could be a treatment to help with their hoarding disease.

There are buyers who are willing to pay cash for a hoarder’s house. To sell a hoarder house can be  difficult for the hoarder. It often involves their family as well. The cash buyer can be instrumental in helping to relieve the stress. It applies to  everyone concerned.

Its probable that the hoarder will end up with more money with the sell house fast options. Plus, along with the sell house for cash opportunity. It eliminates the risk of the city condemning the property. If this happens the hoarder gets nothing. There are buyers who specialize in buying homes for cash. They do this in a honest and simple manner.

Ready to Sell a Hoarder House Fast?

Don’t watch the house sit on the market and go nowhere. You need to get rid of it fast, and we’re here to help. We’re cash house buyers in Southwest Michigan who are ready to buy the house as is. That means you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up, or city codes, or anything! At I Buy SW MI, we specialize in a quick sale with a cash offer. We can get that hoarding house off of your hands as fast as you need.

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